Thursday, 17 July 2014

SEO Tips For Beginners: How To Optimise Your Website Effectively

SEO Tips For Beginners - Essential Marketing Do's And Don't from Our Marketing Manager

If you're thinking about implementing your own SEO then you might spend lots of time surfing forums and information websites in the hope of picking up bits of information. The whole idea of DIY Seo is a little daunting but if you have the time and the inclination it's not rocket science, it can be mastered. I should know!

Top Tips For SEO Success: Product based Website

  • Use lots of rich text within your product pages 
  • Each product page should have it's own unique url
  • Make sure you include popular search phrases
  • Add search worthy titles to your product pages
  • Use at least 300 characters within your product pages (more if you can manage it)
  • Don't copy and paste supplier product information into your descriptions
  • Content MUST be unique. Duplicate copy of any kind is a no no
  • Add alt tags to your images
  • Your titles should be no longer than 70 characters (this includes spaces)
  • Keep your content fresh. The best way to do this is to use a blog facility.

Top Tips For SEO Success: Information Websites/Static Content Sites

  • Make sure your website is full of relevant information. Each page should contain lots of text as well as some imagery 
  • Add alt tags to your images
  • Each page should have it's own unique url. This should be relevant to the page information
  • If you have a static site it won't lend itself to fresh content so you should make use of a blog add on and blog at least twice a week. Blog posts should be relevant to your industry.

What Is An Alt Tag?
Alt means 'alternative'. An alt tag is an alternative tag. In simple terms, it's the search phrase that you would like your image to be found with. You will notice that when you search Google for something the search will return images as well as text links. These images will have alt tags embedded in the code.

If you don't have access to your site's FTP files then you will have to ask your web developer to add these tags for you. I would suggest thinking long and hard about the best phrases to use if this is the case as they will probably charge you for this service.

I Find It Difficult To Write Original Copy
It can be difficult to come up with good original copy that's key word rich it's true. Make notes and write your copy in rough format first. Take inspiration from forums is a good example. Type your keyphrase into the search box and see what people are talking about. It's a good guide to what's on trend in your particular field. I use it a lot. It's a useful tool if you're blogging about lots of topics as I do on a daily basis.

Keep Writing
Writing is key to successful SEO. Keep at it as it will pay off in the long run.

Article Written By Rachel Sheridan - SEO Specialist for Moonshine Internet

Thursday, 26 June 2014

How To Write Web Content For Google: The Best SEO Practice

The first thing to say is 'Don't write for Google, write for people' If you start with the idea that you have to write in a certain way to rank highly within the Google search you will loose quality content and your personality.

The best advice I can give is to write with passion. Presumably you know your product or service inside out so who best to write an informative imaginative and interesting blog post?

Plan your blog post before you write it. List the phrases you are hoping to rank with and start by writing rough copy. If you are new to blogging for SEO you will no doubt edit a lot! Just start writing. You may read it back and think oh dear but at least you have something to work with.

It gets easier....honest

It really does get easier with practice. The more you write the more you will want to write. Google love content that's true, but good quality content backed up with images. Don't forget your alt tags. It's also important to add an author to your posts.

Article Written By Rachel Sheridan - SEO Specialist For Moonshine Internet

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How To Keep Your Website Content fresh: Write For Customers

So by now you should know that content and plenty of it is the best thing by a mile for ranking well within the Google search.

I can't stress enough just how important it is to write, write and write some more! I know it's not always the easiest thing to do. If writing isn't your forte then perhaps try persuading someone else to write for you!

A blog is the best way to keep your website content fresh and up to date. If you have a product based website then try to add new products at least once a month (if possible). If you can't do that then concentrate on writing the most informative blog posts you can. Become an authority in your field.
Make sure your posts contain at least 300 characters (and this is the very least). The more text the better.
DON'T - Make your blog post a string of keywords and phrases. Write naturally and you will find that your keyphrases come naturally.

Think of the search terms a potential customer may use to find the product you are blogging about and utilise theses phrases.

Successful Blog Posts

'How to' articles are a great starting point. How the start of many a search phrase!

For instance, I recently uploaded a blog post for one of our clients titled - 'How to make an old school butterscotch tart' - This post gets over 1000 search visitors every month!
Because the store itself sells lots of baking accessories it's a great way to find potential new customers. Maybe they aren't looking to purchase on that particular day but the chance of them coming back is pretty good.

So to sum up....keep writing!

Article written by Rachel Sheridan - SEO Specialist for Moonshine Internet

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Best Wine Home Brew Starter kits From Beer-Kits Ecommerce Site

Beer-kits have been selling beer, wine and cider kits online for a long time. They sell their home brew kits via a MoonlitePro ecommerce store.

If you are new to home brew then it's the perfect one stop shop for all of your brewing needs. There are plenty of starter kits as well as some useful recipe ideas on their blog.

Beer Kits is a subsidiary of overt Locke. Based in Somerton they ship all of their specialist home brew products from their very own warehouse.

Demand for homebrew has grown considerably over the last few years with sites popping up all over the web!
home brew starter kits

What Makes Beer-Kits Stand Out?

Although their MoonlitePro website is an older design it has stood the test of time and is easy to navigate through the categories.

Customer service from Beer-Kits is second to none which is why so many of their home brew customers come back time and time again.

A good website is one thing but it's continued fantastic customer service that keeps the business going.

Buy Your Starter Kits Here

The Best Wordpress Site Designers Bath: Moonshine Do It All

Okay so we are blowing our own trumpet a little but we have decided to start offering Wordpress as a design option (due to popular demand) We have found that some customers simply don't need the level of service our MoonlitePro or bespoke static website designs offer.

Although we still believe our unique bespoke websites are the best choice we do understand the need for a slightly less expensive option and Wordpress suits some customers perfectly.

Content Managed Wordpress Sites From Moonshine

You can fully manage the content of your website by logging into the back office although we would strongly advise you only make changes to the text and leave image changes to us as you do have the ability to completely change the look of the website if you are unsure of what you are doing.

Most clients find that they have no need to log in to the admin of their site nor do they have the inclination!

Wordpress Costings from Moonshine

Our Wordpress designs start from just under £1000.

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